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Our line of battery accessories includes adapters, cable splitters, and NATO connectors. Our PRC-152 adaptor is dust proof, sand proof, and watertight up to IP67/NEMA 6P. It's also equipped with built-in over-voltage protection and is corrosion resistant. Another of our battery accessories is the BA-5590/ BB-2590 CIG adapter. It connects any device that can be plugged into an ordinary 12V auto charger. Battery accessories that will enable you to use two batteries to power any device are also available through our online catalog. The BA-5590/BB-2590 splitter cable is a battery accessory that allows hot swapping of batteries. Other battery accessories we offer include a NATO connector/plug adapter with BA-5590 output.

If you have any specific questions about our line of battery accessories, feel free to call our customer service line or click on the "live chat" button on our site. In addition, product details about our battery accessories are available online by clicking on the "more" button (next to the "buy" button). Our battery accessories, as well as other products available through this site, carry a 90-day guarantee against manufacturer's defects. Whether you're looking for battery accessories, battery chargers, adapters, connectors, or custom cables, it's always our objective to provide you with top-notch customer service, product quality, and advice.