Battery Eliminators

24V BB-2590 Battery Eliminator

Part Number:SN-24V-01

Power The AN/PRC-117F/G, PRC-137 or any device requiring 24V.

12V BB-2590 Battery Eliminator

Part Number:SN-12V-01

110-240VAC Power Supply provides 12V to emulate BA-5590 or BB-2590 batteri...

AN/PRC-148 BB-2590 Adapter Cable

Part Number:SN-200

Powering the AN/PRC-148 MBITR/JEM from a standard BB-2590 can last up to ...

Power the AN/PRC-152 from 110-240VAC

Part Number:SN-1077

Use 110/240 AC current to power the AN/PRC-152 or similar form factor batt...

AN/PRC-152 Batt Adapter for Nett Warrior Cables

Part Number:SN-1032

Emulates a Nett Warrior battery using a AN/PRC-148/ or AN/PRC-152 battery

AN/PRC-152 BB-2590 Adapter

Part Number:SN-209

BA-5590 Battery Adapter is designed to power the AN/PRC-152 radio from a ...

Dual NWB Adapter for AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148 JEM

Part Number:SN-198-X2

Power (2) AN/PRC-148/JEM or AN/PRC-152 from Nett Warrior battery

Nett Warrior Battery Adapter for AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148 JEM

Part Number:SN-198

Power the AN/PRC-148/JEM or AN/PRC-152 from any Nett Warrior battery.

CIG/Auto Adapter 12V Battery Eliminator

Part Number:SN-1081

Use a CIG adapter to emulate a BA-5590 or BB-2590 battery in 12V mode

CIG/Auto Adapter Battery Eliminator

Part Number:SN-330

Powers the radio from a standard CIG adapter

CIG Adapter BB-2590 24V Output

Part Number:SN-00-1002-D

CIG adapter with BA-5590 Plug, 24V Output.

CIG Adapter with BA-5590 15V Output

Part Number:SN-00-1004-C

CIG adapter with BA-5590 Plug, 12V Output.

NATO Plug with BA-5590 24V

Part Number:SN-00-1003-C

NATO Plug to emulate a 24V BA-5590 / BB-2590 Battery

Strain Relief for CONN-MBITR

Part Number:FE-502-11C

Strain Relief for BB-2590 and BA-5590 Male Cable Mount Connectors

Female to Female NWB Cable 12 Ft.

Part Number:SN-1088-12

Dual ended Nett Warrior female cable 12 ft.

Male to Male NWB Cable All Signals 144"

Part Number:SN-1087-12

Dual ended Nett Warrior male cable

Male to Male NWB Cable All Signals 6" Length

Part Number:SN-1087-.5

Dual ended Nett Warrior male cable

NWB 90 Degree Adapter for AN/PRC-154 Rifleman

Part Number:SN-1070

Adapts Nett Warrior Battery to power Rifleman AN/PRC-154

24V Power Power Brick w/SAE Connector

Part Number:SN-24V-SAE

24V 6.3 Amp Power Supply w/SAE connector

AC/DC 12V 12.5A Power Brick w/SAE Connector

Part Number:SN-12V-SAE

This 12V power supply is used with the SN-926