J1/J2 to USB-C Right Angle Data + Charging EUD Cable

Part Number:SN-M047-00430-001

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Quick Description:J1/J2 ODU to USB-C

Allows users to attach J1 or J2 Port to EUD for USB Programming, Ethernet over USB & Charging

  • Puts EUD in host-mode and accepts 5V Charge from Radio
  • Transmit Ethernet over USB (set to ECM Mode)
  • USB Programming cable
  • Fully Over Molded & Shielded
  • Charge rate pre-set to 5V at 1amp
  • Charging can be turned off at the radio
  • Male ODU 12 Pin Plug with A Keying
  • Works on both Balck and Red side of L3Harris AN/PRC-163 (Ja or J2 Port)
  • Puts EUD in host-mode and accepts 5V charge from radio
  • Length: 30" 
  • Similar to Kagwerks M047-00430-002 except without Power negotiation 
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