24V Cable 8 Ft. No Diodes

Part Number:191004F-8ND

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Quick Description:BA-5590 Battery Cable wired in series (24V) with 8 feet of wire.

  • 8 Ft. Long
  • AWG 20 Gauge Wire, UL 1332 Teflon Insulation, 4.6mm OD.
  • Wired 24V (in Series)
  • Rated at 20 AMPS
  • No Diodes
  • Pin 1 Ground, Pin 5, 24V (pins 2 & 4 jumped)
  • Compatible with BA-5590, BB-2590, BB-390  and all similar form factor batteries
  • Unterminated ends are stripped and tinned
  • Female Mate available (P/N: CONN-BA5590-F)
  • Also Available with Diodes (Part # 191004F-8)

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