Dual Channel NB/WB + RF Cable - All Signals Populated

Part Number:SN-1131-RF-ALL-06

Availability: 4 weeks

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Quick Description:AN/PRC-161 MBITR-2 All Signals + RF wired

  • 44 position Connector Body Connects to both NB & WB siumulataneously
  • All 22 pins wired on both NB & WB sides (One cable for each side)
  • RF Coax Connector installed with 50 Ohm Coax
  • Dual thumbscrews (slotted)
  • Available without RF connector 
  • Available in custom cable configurations
  • Dual Cable output plus RG174 Cable output
  • Available with terminated output connectors  (USB, Ethernet, M38999 etc.)
  • Fully shielded design
  • Compatible with Thales TH5320/TH5325 IMBITR

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