Batteries & Chargers

Pass-Thru Charger and Eliminator

Part Number:SN-832-P/C

Power the AN/PRC-152 or AN/PRC-161 radio from an external power source whi...

Pass-Thru Charger and Eliminator with 5.5MM Jack

Part Number:SN-832-P/CJ

Power the AN/PRC-152 or AN/PRC-148 radio from an external power source whi...

AN/PRC-148 Li-Ion Battery Max Power 8Ah 75WH

Part Number:BT-70716BV

AN/PRC-148 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

UBC 8 Bay Charger (3) Conformal And (4) AN /PRC-152 or AN/PRC-148

Part Number:1100782-503

Charge Nett Warrior + AN./PRC-152 Batteries simultaneously

Panel Mount Watertight Adapter

Part Number:SN-270

Interior IP67 Panel Mount Battery Adapter for AN/PRC-148 MBITR and AN/PRC-...

Battery Eliminator 10.8V 8A Regulated (10-36V Input)

Part Number:CONN-PRC163R-03

Battery Eliminator w/10.8V Regulator

Battery Eliminator Kit (unassembled)

Part Number:CONN-PRC163-KIT

Battery Eliminator Kit

Battery Eliminator Un-Regulated w/Data Line

Part Number:CONN-PRC163-2-06

Battery Eliminator w/Data

6-Bay Thales Desktop Charger

Part Number:1600652-1

AN/PRC-148 Desktop Battery Charger

Desktop Dual Battery Charger for AN/PRC-152

Part Number:BTC-70715-1

AN-RC-152 (2) Bay Desktop Battery Charger

Desktop MBITR Battery Charger

Part Number:BTC-70716-1

AN/PRC-148 2-Bay Desktop Battery Charger

Thales 6.8Ah Batt. Desktop Charger

Part Number:1600654-1

AN/PRC-148 Desktop Battery Charger

7.0 Ah Hi Cap. Battery (Thales)

Part Number:1600842-9

Thales AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-161 Rechargeable 7.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

AN/PRC-148 6.8Ah Hi Cap. Battery (Bren-Tronics brand)

Part Number:BT-70716BG

AN/PRC-148 Rechargeable 6.8 Lithium-Ion Battery

Metal Case 7.0 Ah Battery

Part Number:1600842-1

Metal Case version 7.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Twist on Battery Cover (battery not included)

Part Number:SN-3400666-1

Battery cover