Fast Batt Discharger to 30% & State of Health (Tan color)

Part Number:SN-D2400-T

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Quick Description:Discharges battery to 30%


Discharges a BB-2590/U (Lithium Ion Chemistry) and BB-3590/U (Lithium Polymer) type dual section batteries to 30%  in under 3 hours. 

  • Discharges to 30% 
  • LED Display 
  • Unit remains cool (under 70°C)
  • Compatible with all BB-XX90 Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries
  • After the discharge is finished (30%), the FAN will remain on until the temperature cools to 35°C
  • Auto shut-off after battery reaches 30%
  • Allows users to safely discharge a battery for shipment or travel
  • Provides data on side A and side B independently 
              LED DISPLAYS

      Battery Info (purple screen)
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Serial Number
  • Cycles Used
     State of Charge Info (blue screen)
  • Percentage Remaining Capacity
  • Remaining Amp Hours
  • Current voltage
  • Temperature 
      Discharing (green screen)
  • Time remainig to Discharge
  • Current Amps
  • Current Voltage



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