CONN-MC2127 Mating Connector

Part Number:CONN-MC2127-M

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Quick Description:Mating Connector for CONN-MC2127.

  • Panel Mount
  • Ships with  Rubber Pin Cover
  • Used for testing Cables with CONN-MC2127  or J69-0016-001 Connector
  • Number of Positions: 27
  • All pins wired straight through( no pins jumped together or to shell)
  • Connector: Stainless Steel
  • Operating Voltage: 60V Maximum
  • Current Rating: .05A Maximum
  • Simulates J3 port on Harris PRC 117 (Except for pins 5 and 13 are not tied to shell)
  • This part is different from Part# J69-0014-001 & GCJ69-0014-in that pin 5 and 13 are not tied to shell.

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