KDU Receptacle Connector

Part Number:KE102Z056-142+KIT

KDU 7 Pin Male Connector Receptacle body

Male 7 Pin Plug

Part Number:S10F1C-PO7MCC0-4000

J2 GPS mating connector for AN/PRC-117F(C)

USB/ KDU Connector (7 sockets)

Part Number:S102 Z056-140+KIT

KDU Mating Connector, Female 7 Sockets

6 Pin Female - Flush Pins

Part Number:SN-126-LP-702

Flush 6 pin Female Audio/Data/Fill Connector

6 Pin Female MIL-DTL-55116/4-3

Part Number:M55116/4-3

M55116 6 pin Female Audio/Data/Fill Connector

J3 Port 27 Pin Data Connector

Part Number:CONN-MC2127

J3 Circular Connector for AN/PRC-117F

U-329/U 6 Pin Female

Part Number:U-329/U

U-329/U Female Audio/Data/Fill Connector

J6 Accessory Port Connector

Part Number:CONN-MC4127

Fits the J6 Accessory Port

EMI Banding Back Shell 90 Degree

Part Number:S4173F1506R1.5-34-3

EMI Back Shell 90 Degree, .375" opening

EMI/RFI Back Shell Banding Style

Part Number:S4173F1506S1.5-34-3

Back Shell with banding .375 inch wire opening

EMI/RFI Back Shell Banding Style .180" Cable Entrance

Part Number:440FS030NF1631-3

Back Shell with banding .180 inch wire opening


Part Number:KIT-MC2127

Kit contains 27 pin Connector, RFI/EMI Banding style Back shell & band...


Part Number:KIT-MC4127

Kit includes 27 pin connector (J6) EMI/RFI back shell & banding ...

CONN-MC4127 Mating Connector

Part Number:CONN-MC4127-M

Mating Connector for CONN-MC4127 or J69-0016-002

CONN-MC2127 Mating Connector

Part Number:CONN-MC2127-M

Mating Connector for CONN-MC2127.

CONN-MC2127 Test Fixture

Part Number:CONN-27PIN-M1

AN/PRC 117F Mating Data Connector Kit for J3 Orange Dot Data Port

J3 Data Cable - Unterminated Pigtail

Part Number:SN-922-ALL

J3 Data Cable, all pins wired-unterminated. For AN/PRC-117F or AN/PRC-150

J6 Data Cable-Unterminated

Part Number:SN-929-A

J6 Unterminated Data Cable for AN/PRC-117F and AN/PRC-150

Replacement "O" Ring for U-329/U & U-229/U (100 pack)

Part Number:SM-B-436332

Replacement O-Ring for Audio/Fill Connector