J10 Port Power Cables

24V BB-2590 Battery Eliminator

Part Number:SN-24V-01

Power The AN/PRC-117F/G, PRC-137 or any device requiring 24V.

CIG Adapter BB-2590 24V Output

Part Number:SN-00-1002-D

CIG adapter with BA-5590 Plug, 24V Output.

NATO Plug with BA-5590 24V

Part Number:SN-00-1003-C

NATO Plug to emulate a 24V BA-5590 / BB-2590 Battery

BA-5590 Female Pigtail Cable Assembly 3 Ft.

Part Number:CONN-BA5590-FC

BB-2590 Female Cable Assembly can be wired in 12V or 24V mode.

Strain Relief for BA-5590 4.0 MM

Part Number:FE-502-16A

4.0mm Strain Relief for BB-2590 and BA-5590 Male Cable Mount Connectors