J3 Port Data Cables

Ethernet Cable

Part Number:SN-12043-2760-A006

AN/PRC-117G front exit RJ45 Ethernet cable

Ethernet Cable (Front Exit)

Part Number:SN-900-06

AN/PRC-117G front exit Ethernet cable

Ethernet Cable (Rear Exit)

Part Number:SN-710

AN/PRC-117G Rear Exit Ethernet Cable rear exit 6 foot.

Dust Cover

Part Number:SN0407

Dust Cover

Ethernet Adapter

Part Number:SN-843

AN/PRC-117G J3 Ethernet Adapter allows user to plug in a patch cable.

J3 & J6 Port Cover for ANPRC-117G

Part Number:TE-32-DC

Protects radios J3 and J6 Port from Water, Dust & Sand

Voice, Console, RS-232 + Ethernet

Part Number:TE-32ML-E-06

Unterminated Dongle Front Exit, wired for RS-232, Voice PTT, Remote Contro...

Wired for Voice + RS-232+ Ethernet 8 Ft.

Part Number:TE-32ML-F-08

Wired for Voice, PTT, RS-232 and Ethernet

Dual Wire, All Signals Populated

Part Number:TE-32ML2-ALL-06

Dual wire output, front exit, all Signals Populated unterminated dongle ca...

RS-232 + Ethernet Signals + Console

Part Number:TE-32ML-06

AN/PRC-117G Pigtail wired for RS-232, Remote Control and Ethernet Signals

Voice+ RS-232 + Ethernet Cable

Part Number:TE-32ML-F-06

Unterminated, Front Exit, Wired for Voice, RS-232 and Ethernet

Dual Wire Ethernet & RS-232

Part Number:TE-32ML2-J-06

Dual output dongle wired for RS-232 and Ethernet.

GPS, Remote Control, Ethernet, & RS-232 Signals

Part Number:TE-32ML2-A-06

Dual pigtail cable, wired for GPS, Remote Control, Ethernet and RS-232.

All Signals Popuated

Part Number:TE-32MZ2-H-06

Rear Exit J3 Port Connector. All Pins Populated

All Signals Populated

Part Number:TE-32MZ2-R-06

AN/PRC-117G J3 Dongle cable all signals wired

Dual Wire Audio + Remote Control + RS-232 + Voice

Part Number:TE-32MZ2-Q-06

Dual dongle cable wired for Audio + Remote Control + RS-232 + Ethernet

Front Exit Triple Wire w/Voice, Remote Control, RS-232 + Ethernet

Part Number:TE-32TML3-A-06

Dongle cable wired for Voice/PPT, Remote Control, RS-232 + Ethernet

PPP Data Connector (HPW)

Part Number:SN-855T

AN/PRC 117G PPP Data Cable (HPW)

Rear Exit Triple Wire w/Voice, Remote Control, RS-232 + Ethernet

Part Number:TE-32TMZ3-A-18

Wired for Voice/PPT, Remote Control, RS-232 + Ethernet

Rear Exit, dual Amphenol Connectors

Part Number:SN-1090

Rear Exit J3 Port Connector.Dual Amphenol

RS-232 + Ethernet Signals

Part Number:TE-32MZ-06

AN/PRC-117G J3 Dongle cable wired for RS-232 + Ethernet Signals

Voice, HPW, Remote Control, Ethernet & RS-232

Part Number:TE-32MZ-E-06

Pigtail wired for Remote Control, Voice/PPT, & Ethernet

Voice, Remote Control + Ethernet

Part Number:TE-32MZ-F-07

Pigtail wired for Remote Control, Voice/PPT, & Ethernet

Break-out/Extension Cable

Part Number:SN-271

Extends all 32 pins to J3 Rapidmate connector

DAGR & HPW Cable

Part Number:SN-862

AN/PRC-117G Front Exit DAGR & HPW Cable

DB25 Male, 6 Feet

Part Number:SN-868-06

AN/PRC 117G DB25 Data Cable Front Exit.

DB25 Male, 10 Feet

Part Number:SN-868-10

AN/PRC 117G DB25 data cable front exit.

Ethernet + Remote Control Rear Exit

Part Number:SN-294

AN/PRC 117G Ethernet + Remote Control

Remote Control Console Cable

Part Number:SN-848

AN/PRC 117G Remote Control Console Cable

Retransmission Cable 6 Ft.

Part Number:SN-830

Digital Retransmission cable

Retransmission Cable 6 Ft.

Part Number:SN-12043-2740-A006

Digital Retransmission cable

DB44 Male (All Pins wired) Length 8 Feet

Part Number:SN-865-08

AN/PRC 117G DB44 Data Cable Front Exit.

DB44 Male (All Pins wired) Length 10 Feet

Part Number:SN-865-10

AN/PRC 117G DB44 Data Cable Front Exit.

DB44 Male (All Pins wired) Length 18 Feet

Part Number:SN-865-18

Front Exit, DB44 Data Cable

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector

Part Number:SN-12053-5225-N8

32 Pin Rapidmate Hotshoe connector

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector Rectangular

Part Number:SN-12041-5225-01

32 Pin Connector block

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector w/Pin 8 Tied to Chassis

Part Number:SN-12053-5225-22

32 Pin Connector block

DAGR Power Cable Dongle 18"

Part Number:SN-987-SUB

DAGR Power Cable 18"

DAGR Power Cable Dongle w/Fuse, 5 Meter

Part Number:SN-987-5019-001

DAGR Power Cable w/Fuse

DAGR Power Cable RIGHT ANGLE Dongle w/Fuse 5M

Part Number:SN-987-5019-100

DAGR Right Angle Power Cable w/Fuse

DAGR Right Angle J3 Power Cable, 4 Ft. Dongle

Part Number:SN-07006B0034-04

DAGR right angle power cable dongle

32 Pin Test Fixture

Part Number:CONN-32PIN-M

Test Fixture for AN/PRC-117G and AN/PRC-152 Data Cables