J4 Port USB/KDU Cables

KDU Plug Connector (7 sockets)

Part Number:S20F1S-P07LCC0-400S

KDU Mating Connector, Female 7 Sockets

KDU Receptacle Connector

Part Number:K20F1S-P07MCC0-250S

KDU 7 Pin Male Connector Receptacle body

USB Programming Cable 72 Inches

Part Number:SN-1025

USB Programming cable

USB Programming Dongle 6"

Part Number:SN-1025-2

6 Inch USB Programming dongle cable

Router/Handset Interface Cable (WAV)

Part Number:SN-1045

Router to Handset/MIC Interface cable

KDU Cable, Male to Female - 6 Ft.

Part Number:SN-949

Allows user to connect to the rear center port on a keypad (KDU) remotely.

KDU Remote Cable , 6 Ft.

Part Number:SN-948

KDU Extension Cable

KDU Remote Cable, 10 FT.

Part Number:SN-948-10

KDU Remote Cable 10 Ft.

KDU Remote Cable, 20 FT.

Part Number:SN-948-20

KDU Remote Cable 20 Ft.