Data Connectors & Cables

AN/PRC-152 PPP Data Cable

Part Number:SN-809

Connects AN/PRC-152 to external computer's serial port for wireless messag...

AN/PRC-152 USB Program Cable

Part Number:SN-811

AN/PRC-152 USB Programming Cable

AN/PRC-152(a) USB Data Cable - Unterminated

Part Number:TE-32C-P-06

Contains all USB signals for AN/PRC-152(a) - Unterminated

AN/PRC-152(a) USB Program Cable

Part Number:SN-829

Run ANW2 between two AN/PRC-152A w/two laptops running Windows

AN/PRC-152(a) USB Program Cable

Part Number:SN-12041-7227-01

Run ANW2 between two AN/PRC-152A w/two laptops running Windows

DAGR Cable for AN/PRC-152

Part Number:SN-866

1PPS Cable for AN/PRC-152(C), GPS cable for DAGR and PLGR

Dust Cover

Part Number:SN0407

Dust Cover

J3 & J6 Port Cover for ANPRC-117G

Part Number:TE-32-DC

Protects radios J3 and J6 Port from Water, Dust & Sand

Pre-wired for Remote Control & Ext. GPS

Part Number:TE-32C-G-06

AN/PRC-152 Data Connector wired for RS-232 & Console.

Pre-wired for RS-232 6 Ft.

Part Number:TE-32C-06

AN/PRC-152 Data Connector wired for RS-232

Pre-Wired for USB + Console & HPW

Part Number:TE-32C2-B-06

Dual exit cable with USB + Console, HPW, RS-232

Rear Exit - All signals wired

Part Number:TE-32CL2-R-06

All signals wired, Rear Exit

Remote Control Console Cable

Part Number:SN-840

Cable connects an external computer for access the Console to transfer fil...

Retransmission Cable - 3 Ft.

Part Number:SN-808

AN/PRC-152(C) Retransmission Cable

Retransmission Cable - 50 Ft.

Part Number:SN-808-50

AN/PRC-152(C) Retransmission Cable, 50 Foot length.

Right Angle Data Cable

Part Number:TE-32CL-06

AN/PRC-152 Data Connector with 90 Degree bend. Used with Harris HHRCU

Wired for RS-232 25 FT.

Part Number:TE-32C-25

AN/PRC-152 Data Connector wired for RS-232. Length 25 Feet.

Wired for Voice, PPT & RS-232

Part Number:TE-32CV-06

AN/PRC-152 Data Connector Wired For Voice and RS-232.

Data and Remote Control Cable

Part Number:SN-273

AN/PRC-152 to computer for asynchronous (RS-232) and synchronous (DTE) da...

All Signals Wired -Cable exits up

Part Number:TE-32CX2-R-06

AN/PRC-152(C) All Signals Populated

AN/PRC-152 (C) All Signals Wired

Part Number:TE-32C2-R-06

AN/PRC-152(C) All Signals Populated

USB Remote Control Console Cable for PRC-152

Part Number:SN-805-PRC152

Remote Control USB cable

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector

Part Number:SN-12053-5225-N8

32 Pin Rapidmate Hotshoe connector

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector Rectangular

Part Number:SN-12041-5225-01

32 Pin Connector block

32 Pin Rapidmate Connector w/Pin 8 Ground

Part Number:SN-12053-5225-22

32 Pin Connector block

32 Pin Rapidmate w/ Key for AN/PRC-152 & AN/PRC-158

Part Number:SN-12167-2525-01

32 Pin Connector block for AN/PRC-152

32 Pin Test Fixture

Part Number:CONN-32PIN-M

Test Fixture for AN/PRC-117G and AN/PRC-152 Data Cables