AN/PRC-163 & AN/PRC-167

Pass-Thru Charger Wedge - Cable Hard-wired

Part Number:SN-832-P/C163

Power the AN/PRC-152 or AN/PRC-161 radio from an external power source whi...

Pass-Thru Charger Wedge - with Input Power Jack

Part Number:SN-832-P/CJ163

Power the AN/PRC-163 radio from an external power source while simultaneou...

Dual Battery Relocator Cable (2 batteries) 24" Cable

Part Number:SN-1034-12V-PRC163

Double the run-time of the radio

Battery Eliminator Unregulated, 3 Ft.

Part Number:CONN-PRC163-03

Battery Eliminator

Battery Eliminator AC/DC 12V (192 Watts)

Part Number:SN-1077-192W

Power Supply to AN/PRC-163

Battery Eliminator 10.8V 8A Regulated (10-36V Input)

Part Number:CONN-PRC163R-03

Battery Eliminator w/10.8V Regulator

Battery Eliminator Kit (unassembled)

Part Number:CONN-PRC163-KIT

Battery Eliminator Kit

Battery Eliminator Un-Regulated w/Data Line

Part Number:CONN-PRC163-2-06

Battery Eliminator w/Data

Battery Emulator (+) Power & Data Contact Array

Part Number:SN-PRC-163-ASSY

Battery Data & (+) Power Contacts

Battery Wedge Kit - Fits between Battery & Radio

Part Number:SN-832-163-KIT

Wedge Adapter- Between Radio & Battery

Ground Tabs (x2) for Battery & Battery Eliminators

Part Number:1116-01-109

Steel Ground Tabs Set of 2

Junction PCB for Cable Management

Part Number:PRC-163A-PCB

AN/PRC-163 PCB for wire Management

19 Contact ADF Panel Mount Connector

Part Number:078426-0000

19 Pin Connector

19 Pin ADF Connector

Part Number:078379-6100

19 Pin Connector

19 Pin ADF Male Connector (Cable Mount)

Part Number:078415-6000

19 Pin Male Connector

38 Pin Wedge Side I/O Adapter Kit

Part Number:TE-38-KIT

38 Pin I/O Connector Kit

90° Backshell for 19 Pin ADF

Part Number:SN-448-7873-007R

90° Back shell for 19 Pin ADF Connector

ADF Double Ended Cable Kit (all signals)

Part Number:SN-FALCON4-ADF-C6S

ADF Cable Double Ended

ADF Extension Cable 120° Angle

Part Number:SN-FALCON4-ADF-C1

Relocate the ADF Port

Backshell for 19 Pin ADF (Supplynet brand)

Part Number:SN-448-7873-007

Backshell for 19 Pin Connector

Cable Mount version of Female J1/J2 Ports

Part Number:K10WAM-P12WMM0-0000

12 Male J1/J2 Mating ConnectorPin Connector

Crypto Fill Adapter (DS-101)

Part Number:SN-FALCON4-ADF-C9

Fill Cable Adapter

J1/J2 to USB-C Right Angle Data + Charging EUD Cable

Part Number:SN-M047-00430-001

J1/J2 ODU to USB-C

J1/J2 Interface Cable (Device USB 2.0) Dongle Kit

Part Number:SN-2009

J1/J2 Double Ended Cable

J1/J2 Interface Cable (Host USB 2.0) Dongle Kit

Part Number:SN-2009-H

J1/J2 Double Ended Cable Kit

J1/J2 Mating Connector to 38 Pin Adapter

Part Number:A10WAM-P12XMM0-0000

12 Male J1/J2 Mating Connector

J1/J2 USB Host to Ethernet Adapter, 3 Ft.

Part Number:SN-12193-0396-A003

Adapters J1/J2 to Ethernet

Multi-Function ADF Cable for RF-335M

Part Number:SN-FALCON4-ADF

19 Pin ADF Cable