UBC 8 Bay Charger (3) Conformal And (4) AN /PRC-152 or AN/PRC-148

Part Number:1100782-503

Availability: 8 weeks

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Quick Description:Charge Nett Warrior + AN./PRC-152 Batteries simultaneously

  • Charges Nett Warrior Batteires  & AN/PRC-152 Batteries simultaneously
  • 4 Built-in USB Ports
  • 100-240VAC Input Power Supply Included
  • Built-in battery helath analyzer
  • Built-n state of charge indicator
  • Man portable and vehicle mount
  • DC Power input cable avaialble as option
  • Optional Conformal  battery adfapter available to charge up to 6 Nett Warrior batteries
  • Optional Solar blanket input available
  • Compatible with AN/PRC-148 MBITR, JEM, JEM2, AN/PRC-152, Wave Relay MPU4/5 and all other similar form factor batteries

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