Watertight BB-2590 SMBus Kit

Part Number:SN-404-KIT

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Quick Description:Watertight connector Kit for BB-2590 Batteries w/SMBUS Signals

This kit contains all parts shown to assemble a watertight power cable in either 12V or 24V mode.This will fit only rechargeable BB-2590 batteries. However it can be ordered to fit both BA-5590 and BB-2590 batteries. All 6 SMBus pogo pins are included.

The cap can be provided without a wire exit hole drilled or a 9/16" threaded hole along with 5/8" grommet that will need to be potted from the inside in order to make the cable exit watertight. Supplynet does offer a watertight Strain Relief as shown on part # SN-404-12-06. Please call to discuss.



  • IP67 Rated (Watertight at 1 Meter Depth for 30 Minutes)
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
  • Wire Exit Diameter: 5/8" Opening
  • All SMBUS Signals Available
  • Cap Material: Polycarbonate
  • Delivered as a Kit, not wired
  • Can be wired for 12V, 24V and SMBUS (room for additional electronics)
  • Fits only Rechargeable Batteries (can be ordered to fit both rechargeable and non-rechargeable))
  • All SMBUS Pogo Pins Inserted and Includes internal PCB
  • Rubber Strap and Internal Gasket material EPSM
  • Compatible with all Rechargable Batteries with SMBUS Technology

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